Modernism and Cubism influence the colorful work of Daniel Ruben Wynn. Wynn’s paintings refresh the eyes, emotions, body and mind like an invigorating swim on a muggy afternoon. Strongly influenced by Cubism and School of Paris Modernists including Picasso, Braque, Matisse, Delauney and Duly, Wynn amalgamates and personalizes such varied, even diverse inspirations with sophisticated whimsy and a bold decorativeness. Also subtle in his art is playfulness and lyricism. These latter qualities in turn recall the quirky, childlike character of Miro, Picasso and the grandly playful turn-of-the-century architect Gaudi. ~ Ted Weeks, art critic

photo of display at LaVilla Museum

My influences in African art and Oriental art are examples of spiritualism in my paintings and illustrations. Spiritualism is a recurrence of the life force in different forms. In certain areas of Africa, artists shoot trees with a bow and arrow, believing that then the spirits in the trees will transfer into their own sculpture. The Oriental belief is that life is a recurrence of all things. Danism is derived from my first name Daniel, which combines the elements of Surrealism, Cubism, and Fantism.

photo of the artist
Daniel Wynn and Carnival painting. Source: Flavour Magazine

After years of traveling across the world creating art, exhibiting in many galleries, and working in government, I decided to return to the community where I grew up. I committed myself to enabling people to transcend their circumstances and environment through the power of art. I've worked with community leaders, city officials, and citizens in developing outreach programs and non-profit organizations that use art to help young people learn professional work habits and build community spirit and pride through visual enhancement.
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