Wynn's work is a "a smack of Picasso, a smattering of Dali, a soupcon of Blake"
-- Diana McClellan, The Washington Post

The following are links to news articles and press releases about my artwork and exhibitions. Some articles require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

Between Heaven and Earth show @ Karpeles Museum; JCAAA blog October 27, 2008

Intensive reading students are said motivated doing ‘anti-smoke’ mural; The Baker County Press, December 2007

CITY SOJOURN: Power of public art on display in these 2 different cities; The Florida Times-Union/ Jacksonville.com, June 2007

Life on a bloody block (Return of the artist); The Florida Times-Union/ Jacksonville.com, January 2007

Artists Working for a Positive Change; First Coast News (ABC 25 WJXX NBC 12 WTLV), June 29, 2006

Artist launches Mayport program; The Florida Times-Union/ Jacksonville.com, August 25, 2004

Artist's work is a true "Revelation"; The Florida Times-Union, August 2004 requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Home spurs inspiration for artist; The Florida Times-Union, October 26, 2002

Art as a way of life; Financial News & Daily Record, May 22, 2002

Focus On: Daniel Wynn; The Florida Times-Union/ Jacksonville.com, February 18, 1998

Creative outlet for summer; The Florida Times-Union, August 1997 requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Cultural Council recognizes key arts supporters; The Florida Times-Union requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Wynns of Change requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Wynn's Works at Galerie Francois requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Jacksonville - Born Artist Featured in Paris Exhibition; December 1975 requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Artist Links Art and Spiritualism; The Alexandria Gazette, February 1974